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Modom X Fin Art Exhibition

Modom are stoked to be supporting the Fin Art Exhibition with some of Australia’s best surf artists along with Vans, Tigerfish & Thalia surf shops, Sea Shepherd, Glide Fins and Surfers for Cetaceans.

The show raised money for Sea Shepherd’s operation requiem – against shark finning – so successful was the first show number two was held shortly after in the U.S. Featuring a huge lineup of local and international artists:

Stevie Gee, Geoff Holstad, Brendan Donnelly, Xavier Davies, Troy Kingman, Gulliver Farnan, Gregg Kaplan, Mia Taninaka, Adrian Knott, Trent Whitehead, Ozzie Wright, Otis Carey, Nicholas Chalmers, Lee Vaiese, Paul Cooper, Mick Egan, Luke Taaffe, Sam Stewart, Cohen Morris, Tom Milledge, Matt Waters, Darren Love, Paul McNeil, Jim Mitchell, Luke Hallam, Myles Maddock, Ben Brown, Marty Schnieder, Wade Lewis, Craig Rochfort, Nick Morris, Howie Cooke. Modom x Vans Modom x Vans


Modom Surf - Fin Art Exhibition Project

Modom Surf - Fin Art Exhibition Project