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What’s in your bag

Oscar Langburne

Get To Know Oscar

D.O.B: 21/01 /2003

Height: 4′ 11

Weight: Nearly 40kg

Home break: Avoca

Magic Board Dims/ Litres: 4’9 16.5 litres

Favourite Wave:Krui lefts in Sumatra and NSW South Coast

Favourite Food: Chicken curry and beng beng bars

Favourite Surfer:Dane and Steph.

What career path would you have taken if you didn’t surf:I’m only 14 so not really sure, something outdoors or creative

What do like most about Modom traction : Clean/cool look and right amount of grip

Whats your thoughts on Full Deck traction: Not for me

Would you prefer rocking Boardies/ Vest combo or a Short arm steamer:Short arm steamer

Favourite Wax:Sex wax

Whats your favourite Beer:Saxbys ginger beer cause it reminds me of north coast trips

Favourite Fins :None in particular just been trying out different ones

Top knot or Undercut:Neither… those little top knot things look like a bad joke

Favourite Surf Movie: When I was younger “surfs up” the animated movie, now mainly check out edits of people I might be interested in

3 Favourite bands:Changes daily and have a stack but have to say Joy Division, The Jam and either Nick Cave or The Cure

Favourite subject at school: International and English

Worst subjects at school:Having to go when you know waves are good

If your life was turned into a movie, who’d play you as lead role: Julian Dennison, who was Ricky Baker In Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Doesn’t look anything like me but so funny.

Twin fin or single fin: Twin. One of my friends is shaping me a single fin that I can’t wait to try though.

5 things you always travel with:Sunscreen, toothpaste, surfboards, wetsuits, music.

Stuck on a deserted island,Choose 3 people to have with you:Paul Weller for tunes and stories, Mum, Craig Ando cause he has best attitude to surf with.

Whats your last google surf: Cake decorating for school project, turned out a mess anyway

Strangest person you follow on Instagram:pamlovesferrariboys – strangest and best