Black Spring. Adventures with Craig.

Modom Ambassador, style master and pal Craig Anderson recently joined us for a three day strike mission around our home town of Torquay, here’s part 1 of the story.

Black Spring. Day 1. Pt 1. Craig puts a 5’2” Deadly through its paces, on an average day at what was once voted one of the worlds worst beach breaks.. (we still think it’s the best) and makes it actually look fun!

Craig. Day 1. Pt 2. // Today's adventure began going over our latest batch of summer product with a fine tooth comb, gripping fresh boards and talking shop. It was a generally bleak Victorian afternoon in Jan Juc, but we figured there was enough happening to sneak a Deadly Mondo session before being overrun with the after school crowd.⁣

Craig. Day 2. // And a short boat journey finds us bobbing between shipping lanes in shallow waters at one of Vicco’s finest lefts. A notoriously tide effected wave Craig and the team were in the water before the swinging tide became a treadmill. ⁣

Craig picked off a few doozies on the 5’2 Deadly before conditions got a little more critical. Looking very Indo-ish, sans wetsuits 

Craig. Day 3. Pt 1. // Today we took the crew Craig, Shyama, Jack and X down the coast for a softboard/longboard session in dreamy, Byron-like conditions. ⁣

The boys traded Deadly Mondo transitions from a Shyama Buttonshaw shaped 12 footer with a slide on an 88, and swapping camera gear in between some serious product shooting before hitting the infamous Jum’s chicken shop on the journey home.

Craig. Day 3. Pt 2. // Before saying goodbye Craig gave us a run down on the wetsuit jacket and his other favourite product and we also managed to snag a shot of his Victorian quiver.⁣