Craig Anderson

A laid back styling, vb drinking, covershot-hogging renaissance man from newcastle. South african born and aussie raised craig anderson’s surfing is a mix of graceful gazelle meets quick-striking tiger snake. Always a pleasure to watch in the water, his approach can only be described as ‘casually intense’.

Get to know Craig

D.O.B: 7/9/1988

Height: 5’8

Weight: 60kgs

Home break: Merewether

Magic Board Dims/ Litres: No idea

Favourite Wave: Namibia

Favourite Food: pizza

Favourite Surfer: Ozzie Wrong

What career path would you have taken if you didn’t surf: I think I would be a chippie or build furniture. Both would be pretty rewarding work being able to build and create. Or possibly a school teacher maybe even a psychologist if I really put my mind to studying.

What do you like most about your signature traction: Simple aesthetic, great performance.

Whats your thoughts on Full Deck traction: It works well but I think it’s more of a trend than anything.

Would you prefer a night out with the boys or a night home with your Mrs: The boys for sure

Whats your favourite Beer: VB

Would you prefer rocking Boardies/ Vest combo or a Short arm steamer: Short arm all day

Favourite Wax: Sex wax

Tequila or Vodka: Tequila

Favourite Fins: My signature fin with futures

Whats your coffee order: Latte maybe double shot if I need to get zooted.

Top Knot or Undercut: Fuck

Favourite Surf Movie: Focus by Taylor Steele

Twin fin or single fin: Single although I’m starting to vibe on the twins

5 things you always travel with: Passport, brain, boards, headphones, beenie