Dakoda Walters

Get To Know Dakoda

D.O.B: 6 /07 /2001

Height: 5’ 4

Weight: 42kg

Home break: Angourie

Magic Board Dims/ Litres: 5’4 – 16 3/4 – 2 1/8. 19.8 litres

Favourite Wave: Point at home.

Favourite Food: sushi

Favourite Surfer: Noah Deane, Taj , Mick and Parko … haha that’s a few favourites.

What career path would you have taken if you didn’t surf:I’m still at school

Whats your thoughts on Full Deck traction: I really like em. I think they give me confidence when doing airs and I like how lots of old dudes hate em.

Would you prefer a night out with the boys or a night home with your Mrs: I don’t have a Mrs and a night out with the boys is going camping or something for me.

Whats your favourite Beer: Don’t drink it

Would you prefer rocking Boardies / Vest combo or a Short arm steamer: Either ,I love boardies and vest when it suits cause that means the waters warm but I also really like surfing in steamers to cause I think they are comfy.

Favourite Wax: Sex wax

Favourite Fins: Futures F4’s. Small size

Whats your coffee order: don’t drink coffee

Top knot or Undercut: shaved head

Favourite Surf Movie: View from a blue moon

Twin fin or Single fin: Both equally as fun when the conditions suit em

5 things you always travel with: Boards , wax , clothes , leggy’s and fins.

What was your last google search: Climate change cause I’m doing a four minute speech for English on it right now.

strong>Stuck on a deserted island,Choose 3 people to have with you: Steve Irwin if he was still alive cause he would know how to find food and seemed like a legend who surfed too, Mick Fanning cause he’d have heaps of good stories and would be sick to surf with and Noah Deane to see what he’d get up to.