Dan Ross

An organic food eating, man hack slicing, gentle giant from Angourie. Dan Ross is an ex WSL tour veteran whose Yoda-like wisdom is sought after by surfers in need of a style tune up. When he’s not coaching the stars he’s considering ways to give back to the world and slotting in as much power surfing as he can in the process.

Get To Know Dan

D.O.B: 15 Feb 1983

Height: 6’2

Weight: 80kg

Home break: Angourie

Magic Board Dims/ Litres: 5’10 Mullet x 19 1/2 x 2 7/16 a little over 28 Litres

Favourite Wave: 3rd reef Juc , and even moreso if Al Bladen is out there.

Favourite Food: Organic Bacon and Avo on Sourdough

Favourite Surfer: John

What career path would you have taken if you didn’t surf: A dentist, but they have a high suicide rate from working with mercury so good choice to surf.  Still ended up with mercury poising though – fek.

What do you like most about your signature traction: That its made from reclaimed offcuts.

Whats your thoughts on Full Deck traction: I think it looks cool on Dakoda’s board .. not mine though.

Would you prefer a night out with the boys or a night home with your Mrs: Netflix + chill with the Mrs

Whats your favourite Beer: Stone and Wood Pacific Ale when i catch up with you guys