Mark Mathews

A sea monster riding, freckled-up Aussie maniac from Maroubra. Mark’s hard work and determination have helped him become one of the most respected big wave surfers in the world. A down to earth bloke, he’s always figuring out how to push his own limits, whether that’s in the water, public speaking, or hamburger consumption.

Get To Know Mark

D.O.B: 27/11/81

Height: 6’1

Weight: 80-85kg depends on burger consumption

Home break: Maroubra

Magic Board Dims/ Litres: 60x19x2n3/8 proton. extra glass. Slightly pulled in tail. Tube Pig board.

Favourite Wave: Cape Fear, Ours, Cape solander

Favourite Food: ?

Favourite Surfer: Girv Nasty

What career path would you have taken if you didn’t surf: A way less enjoyable one.

What do you like most about your signature traction: I know it’s not going to let me down in testing conditions.

What’s your thoughts on Full Deck traction: I love the smell of wax. So I’m not a huge fan.

Would you prefer a night out with the boys or a night home with your Mrs: Surf ours all day with the boys then night at home with the Mrs

Whats your favourite Beer: Balter because its owned and run by a bunch of legends.

Would you prefer rocking Boardies/ Vest combo or a Short arm steamer: Boardies and vest for surf. Steamers highlight the fact that i have legs as skinny as a starving super model.

Favourite Wax: Sex wax

Tequila or Vodka: straight – Tequila / mixed – vodka

Favourite Fins: Fanning FCS 2 the Black and white ones.

Whats your coffee order: At star bucks – short, one pump, no whip mocha. Just like my game between the sheets. Piccolo sized mocha here in oz

Top Knot or Undercut: The early 90s Undercut was hard to beat. If your not an islander and you have a top not there is a high probability you could look better.

Favourite Surf Movie: MonTAJ SaboTAJ

If your life was tuned into a movie, who’d play you as lead role: Probably Woogie from something about Mary. Or Linga.

Twin fin or single fin: MR Twinny, Or Baddy single… tough choice… nup can’t decide.

5 things you always travel with: Other than surf gear – @iambrittjones , Gopro, Laptop, IPhone, Shade Sunscreen

Stuck on a deserted island, Choose 3 people to have with you: Girv Nasty, Pauly and Pottsy. #teammodom4life