Xavier Huxtable

Get To Know Xav

D.O.B: 14/6/02

Height: 170cm

Weight: 55kg

Home break: Jan juc

Magic Board Dims/ Litres: 5’7, 17 7/8’, 2 ‘3/8

Favourite Wave: snapper/pipe line/winki

Favourite Food: sushi/pizza

Favourite Surfer: Mick or john john

What career path would you have taken if you didn’t surf: AFL footy

Whats your thoughts on Full Deck traction: tail pad

Would you prefer a night out with the boys or a night home with your Mrs: night with the boys

Whats your favourite Beer: root beer

Would you prefer rocking Boardies/ Vest combo or a Short arm steamer: boardies/vest

Favourite Wax: Sex/Fu

Favourite Fins: Futures JJF med

Whats your coffee order: iced coffee

Favourite Surf Movie: View from a blue moon

Twin fin or Single fin: Single

5 things you always travel with: Board, wetties, sunscreen, money and passport

What was your last google search: Garret Ginner

Stuck on a deserted island,Choose 3 people to have with you: Cole Fox, Tylie Wylie, Jack Kay